CRISTELA’s Creator gives her perspective on the show’s 1st Season

CRISTELA, created by Cristela Alonzo, is an ABC series that is – how can we put it? – so much better than its ratings that it makes us doubt the sanity, let alone the intelligent of U.S. television viewers. We think that ABC would be crazy not to renew the show, but we can’t say for sure that Cristela feels that same way. Here, however, is what she does feel about the show’s premiere season:

A Possible Goodbye: Cristela Season Finale
by Cristela Alonzo

Dear Supporters of Cristela,

Hi!  It’s April 17, 2015 and I find myself sitting in the middle seat of a full Southwest flight on my way to Nashville.  Tonight at 8:30/7:30 PM, ABC will show the season (and possibly series) finale of a sitcom that I put my heart and soul into.

I want to be realistic and honest about things.  I’m not sure if the show is coming back. It worries me and not because I want to be on TV more. It worries me because I think this show gives a voice to people that haven’t been given a voice before.

Cristela isn’t a flashy show. It’s not a slick single-cam that looks like it’s a movie shot on a weekly basis, it doesn’t have voiceovers telling you thoughts the characters are currently having and it certainly doesn’t use crass and edgy things to tell its stories.  That was my choice to not do any of those things.  I wanted to take a harder path, a path that really isn’t taken on TV anymore.  I wanted to make a TV show like the kind I grew up with, the kind that looked like a play, the kind that made the live studio audience we tape in front of, just as important as the cast because they are as important.

We shot twenty-two episodes of this show and yet hardly anyone knows we’re on the air.  The viewers we have are so loyal. They watch our show every week because they remember we’re on, not because we have so much promotion.

I know for a fact that the cast is so grateful to have had this opportunity.  We live-tweet the episodes every week and try to interact with the people watching the show because we want to. We want to be part of the experience with the people that are watching.

You know, it’s funny.  I never really pay attention to the criticism of the show.  The only time I hear any of it is when people tag my on social media, which I don’t understand why anyone would do that but whatever.  I guess since tonight could be the last episode of the series, I’ll address a couple of the criticisms and tell you why the show is the way it is. I’ll start with the most popular one:

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