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Are you watching MewNowTV? The gang at Snobby Robot is, and the reaction over there definitely piques TVWriter™’s interest. (And you thought we were cynical and jaded, right?)

Whoa, lookit all these peeps - who may or may not be part of MewNowTV.
Whoa, lookit all these peeps – who may or may not be part of MewNowTV.

by Chris Hadley

Having launched Wednesday, September 9th, the new web series content hubMewNowTV features 10 different online series; shows that represent both a commitment to quality online entertainment, while emphasizing viewer interactivity through its 9 specially designed apps.

Furthermore, each of these shows are guaranteed to attract a diverse range of audiences, with incredible young acting, writing and producing talent in front of – and behind – the cameras.

From side-splitting comedy, to suspenseful sci-fi, to reality programs that will inform, educate and inspire, MewNowTV features shows that truly put the viewer in control in various ways through each of its 9 different interactive apps; apps that are specifically tailored to fit the framework of each series.

With existing social media networks like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and the increasingly popular video app Periscope also playing a huge role in MewNowTV’s content, those who visit the network’s official web site(see more links below) will experience what could very well be a major step forward in the continuing evolution of online entertainment.

MewNowTV’s founder, Kyle Valle, discusses each of the 10 different shows that make up the network’s impressive lineup, what viewers can expect to see in them, and most importantly, how each series will benefit the viewer through their unique interactive elements.

In addition, Valle illustrates how each of MewNowTV’s impressive and versatile performers (himself included) spread their talents across all of the network’s programs.


Johnson Creed and his guides, a psychic with super natural gifts, a former Navy Seal and a Nordic Blonde alien, set out to restore balance against a dark alien force. This sci-fi adventure series showcases our commitment to creating stronger, more diverse and unique roles empowering women in film.

The ‘lead’, Johnson Creed (played by yours truly), is guided and instructed by 3 women, who are the real heroes of the first season. Quirky, downright lovable Melissa Rodriguez as Plebo, the super psychic, plus fierce and funny Punkie Johnson as Kit, the Navy Seal, and, last but not least, intuitive and sharp Sandra Seeling as Q, the Nordic Blonde.


Completely in Spanish, always subtitled and loosely scripted — Hosts CZR, Don Juan, and Valeria spotlight the American-Latino experience, debating hot button issues, common misconceptions, and life tips from a refreshing, witty angle.

As is often the case with our series, one of Tremen2’s co-hosts is also producing: Christian Casillas, who plays CZR. Carlo Mendez performs as Don Juan and Mariel Chantal as Valeria. The three actors have amazing chemistry, ideas and often improv lines in the hilarious debates….

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