Cheating Could Lead to Better Creativity

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some-simpson-kidby Whitson Gordon

A recent study found that cheating and creativity have a lot in common: in fact, cheating may actually increase your creativity.P

The study, published in Psychological Science, performed five different experiments in which participants performed various tasks, with an opportunity to over-report their performance. Those who cheated performed more creatively on subsequent tasks, even when accounting for individual differences in creativity.

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2 thoughts on “Cheating Could Lead to Better Creativity”

  1. I grew up being both a LIAR & a CHEAT. Never took a test that I didn’t have the answers written on the inside of my hand and arms, and any place else I could hide them. Ask me a question and I answered with a lie. Every store I walked into was game! Invited to sleep over a friend’s house, I walked out in the morning with bulging pockets and having gained weight. And what do I do now? I’m a writer. What then? gs

    1. Well, what happens now that you’ve told us this is that you just wait. Till one of your old friends who’s read it decides to pay you a little visit….

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