Interweb TV Producers Praise Interweb TV

No surprise here. Keep in mind, though, that these web TV creators aren’t newbs looking for a break. They’re Old Pros with a lot to lose if they alienate the Hands That Have Previously Fed them.

In other words, we believe them when they say:


‘Husbands,’ ‘Burning Love,’ ‘Chosen’ Creators Praise No-Network Freedom Of Web TV
by the Deadline Team

During a morning producers panel at TCA that focused on the brave new world of web television, a handful of pros held court to talk about all of the ways the Internet is changing the content game and taking the programming monopoly away from the living room. The five included Jane Espenson and Jeff Greenstein, producers of the Internet sensation Husbands (along with many network series); Mike Rosenstein and Stuart Cornfeld, exec producers of the web reality dating spoof Burning Love; and Ryan Lewis, exec producer of the web series Chosen. read article

Inside Look at “Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time”

Yeppers, another exciting update from Travis Richey:

untitledwebseriescastBOOTH, Budgets, and Babyish the Extraordinary
by Travis Richey

Greetings, Inspectators!

Production is well under way on the prequel episode to Season 2 of Untitled Web Series… Those of you who are familiar with the behind-the-scenes of Season 1 will know that we’d had some challenges regarding one of our most integral characters: The BOOTH. Namely, that we didn’t actually own it! read article

Peer Production: Latest News About the UNTITLED WEB SERIES About a Sort of Doctor Who-like Dude

He’s not the DOCTOR WHO Doctor, nosirree. And he’s not COMMUNITY’S Inspector Spacetime either, perish the thought.

He’s Travis Richey, AKA a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time, and this is his latest update on how the second season of this Kickstarter funded interweb series is progressing:

image-278431-full by Travis Richey

Greetings, Inspectators! I just wanted to send you a quick note, and let you know where we are with the Season 2 Prequel episode. read article

Netflix Sends ‘Arrested Development’ Banana Stand on the Road


Looks like Netflix genuinely believes in this show. They’re taking ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’s most recognizable icons out on the road.

Yeppers, “Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana” stand is touring the world. Well, the civilized part of the world. That is, the part of the world that’s most likely to have viewers who’ll go to Netflix.Com to see the show. read article

Leesa Dean: Adventures of a Web Series Newbie – Chapter 11

Adventures of a Web Series Newbie - Chapter 11: New Beginnings?

New Beginnings
by Leesa Dean

So, last week went to a very cool animation panel that was put together by YouTube. It was in the Google offices, they had tons of great munchies and Fred Seibert (the head of Frederator) and Simon (from Simon’s Cats) were there. Fred is a heavyweight in the business. He was MTV’s first creative director back in the day, which is saying a lot. He’s really responsible for, pretty much, creating the brand. He also started Nick-At-Nite and was President of Hanna Barbera (home of Underdog, The Flintstones and other iconic cartoons.) Frederator, of course, is a really huge cartoon presence on the internet (and tv.) He talked about his shows and production. It was pretty interesting to hear that they actually produce some of their cartoons the way TV Networks do (meaning a creative team here in the States and other work farmed out to Korea or India.)

In particular, he talked about Bravest Warriors, which is a hit for them. I never imagined that internet shows would have budgets that big. As an indie animator/producer, I’m used to doing everything myself for no money. And ad dollars, even with millions of views, can’t really pay for a show produced on that level, unless you have some great branding thing going on…I think. I’m guessing (and this is a total guess) that his other shows on cable and broadcast are so successful, they can, in part, finance the internet shows, which is, to me, a very very smart gamble/business move if that’s the way he’s rocking it. read article