How SYFY made a show based on a Stephen King story and didn’t tell anyone.

by Robin Reed

Well, they didn’t tell me. I am the target audience for any show with a science fiction, fantasy, or horror premise. I will watch anything in those genres. And Stephen King – I have two shelves devoted to his books. I haven’t caught up with “The Colorado Kid” yet, a short novel of Mr. King’s from a few years ago, but if I had heard a hint of a TV show being made that was based on it, I would have been there to check it out. read article

munchman Visits Some Shows His Pals Recommend…

…What? You didn’t know I had pals? Well, maybe I won’t after this. But I gotta be honest, you know?

So many jocks. So little game.

So many gambits. So little result. read article

James Duff, THE CLOSER Creator-Showrunner Explains the Show’s Ending

…No, no, not because there was any confusion (there wasn’t.) But because, or so it seems, he just wanted to express his feelings. (Hey, Duff’s a modern kinda guy, you know what we’re saying?)

Kyra closes, and her character seems to almost get it…at last!

Whatever the reason, this is exactly the kind of info new writers, trying to get insight into how the series process works, need to know, which makes us very glad to be able to present:

The Closer Finale Postmortem: Creator James Duff Talks Brenda’s Final Confession – by Adam Bryant read article

Someone We Don’t Know Reviews GRIMM’s Season 2 Premiere

…And he seems to have liked a lot about it. Which makes us smile because we like it too:

Review: NBC’s ‘Grimm’ returns, improved, for season 2 – by Alan Sepinwall read article

LB Sees SUITS (and Also BOB AND RAY)

The Good:

  • When this series began it was an interesting series about a genius drug dealer who knew the law so well that he successfully did all the work his lazy lawyer “partner” was supposed to do in intriguing criminal and semi-criminal cases
  • Good looking actors, both men and women, in even better looking clothes

The Not-So-Good: read article