A 2012 Trailer for 2001

Don’t get all snippy, people. We’re perfectly entitled to show you this movie trailer on a television writing site. This clip is all about appealing to the contemporary audience, and for God’s sakes, everybody knows that the reason we all have such short attention spans is those ADHD writers from SESAME STREET.

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The Adventures of Jack Kirby & Ed Wood

Not a true life adventure! Totally made up! But a real video that will make any fanboy squee!

‘The King & The Worst’ – by TeamTVWriter Press Service

One of our minions sent us the URL to this astounding work. How he found it, we don’t know. Here’s what the YouTube entry has to say: read article

You Don’t Have to Go to Film School to Produce a TV Pilot

by Corinna Mendis

As a new independent TV writer and producer, I’ve learned a lot about the process, without even taking a film class. The irony is that as an undergrad I went to NYU, which is known for its film school…but I went for psychology, not film.

Growing up, I always wanted to be an actress. I would get all the neighborhood kids together, write one-act plays (mostly about my dog), then get everyone together in my basement and put on a show for my stuffed animals. As I got older, my passion for acting grew, as I took acting classes at the community theatre, played the lead in the high school plays, sang my way through Guys and Dolls, and drove into Manhattan for head shots. read article


Recently, we’ve found ourselves really enjoying – and recommending – several independently created/produced web/TV comedy series, but now – at last! – we’ve found a serious drama that works for us too.

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You Don’t Need to be Rich to Develop Your Own Series

Robert Glenn Plotner, one of LB’s students, has been working like a sonufabitch on his own lilve-action self-created TV/web series, LET’S GET SPUNKY!

How’s it going? Hey, glad you asked. Here’s what RGP has to say: read article