Interweb TV Producers Praise Interweb TV

No surprise here. Keep in mind, though, that these web TV creators aren’t newbs looking for a break. They’re Old Pros with a lot to lose if they alienate the Hands That Have Previously Fed them.

In other words, we believe them when they say:


‘Husbands,’ ‘Burning Love,’ ‘Chosen’ Creators Praise No-Network Freedom Of Web TV
by the Deadline Team

During a morning producers panel at TCA that focused on the brave new world of web television, a handful of pros held court to talk about all of the ways the Internet is changing the content game and taking the programming monopoly away from the living room. The five included Jane Espenson and Jeff Greenstein, producers of the Internet sensation Husbands (along with many network series); Mike Rosenstein and Stuart Cornfeld, exec producers of the web reality dating spoof Burning Love; and Ryan Lewis, exec producer of the web series Chosen.

The beauty of fledgling form, all agreed, was how freeing the medium is in releasing writers and producers from the tyranny of their network overlords. “We are answerable only to ourselves,” boasted Greenstein, whose credits include Desperate HousewivesFriends andWill & Grace. “Yet we hold ourselves to the same standard as we’re held to when we’re doing network shows. We work really hard on the jokes and research and the look of the show. We try to make it as polished as possible. It’s completely on us if it’s good or bad, and that’s exhilarating after 20 years of receiving network notes.”

Espenson agrees that the lack of notes is revelatory in itself. And yet she insists that the work involved, the writing, the production values, all are the same as if she were producing for regular TV. “We want it to have precisely the look and style of a traditional sitcom,” Espenson said. “More and more, television is not a word for a box that sits in your living room but simply a word for filmed entertainment that you enjoy.”

Indeed, Greenstein repeatedly emphasized that doing programming for the web isn’t about producing it on the cheap but in some ways the opposite, particularly when possible crowdfunding Kickstarter money is at stake (as it was forHusbands)…

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Angelo J. Bell: The Countdown Has Begun

EDITOR’S NOTE: We love Angelo Bell not only for his talent but for his intensity. These powerful feelings are what the biz should always be about:

by Angelo J. Bell

The Countdown has begun

countdown timer

I’m putting the finishing touches on my “Massively Big Project,” you know, the project I’ve been secretly working on in-between pitching TV series and MOW’s to NBCUniversal.  It’s do-or-die time; the moment when you realize you can tweak from now until doomsday but nothing is guaranteed, so you might as well go for broke now.

Presently, it’s about rallying the troops. Lots of troops. It’s also about getting the first wave ready for a massive reveal. I know that I must get momentum on my side if this project is going to be successful. That means, every person counts, every email counts, every tweet or Facebook status update counts.

Press releases, media kits and blogs — oh my!

I always talk about “ruling the world” like Pinky & The Brain, and the Royal Court of World Domination (#RCWD) was founded on that aggressive mission statement.  Now we do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, fans and friends, filmmakers and moviegoers, get ready for… A Perfect Weapon


Click the pic and see the real Daria

Were you a DARIA fan back in the day? We sure were. I mean, we’re talking total identification with the character and her situation.

CollegeHumor.Com has brought Daria back – live! – in the form of Aubrey Plaza. This is one short video, and one high school reunion, you really shouldn’t miss.

Our favorite line: “We’ve all gone our separate ways, but we’re forever united by the scars of  our experience at Lawndale High.”

Man, we’d love to see this for reals.


Peer Production: Our Favorite Superman Film Is…


This one from 5second Films:

A Short Class in Making Stop Motion Puppets

Doctor Puppet Motion CaptureBecause sometimes you just can’t get the right full-sized actors/sets/props.

Or you’re totally inept at CGI animation.

Alisa Stern, creator of The Doctor Puppet, shows us how to get yourself out of those particular jams.

And, um, into a whole new set of probs cuz, c’mon, you don’t really think making a stop motion video is going to be easy, do ya?

Yes, it’s another TVWriter™ public service. Or to put it another way:


Oh, and here’s an overview on the making of the DOCTOR PUPPET web videos:

Check out Alisa’s DOCTOR PUPPET Channel