LB: Yevtushenko (the Band) on Kickstarter

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Yes, it’s true. My favorite band of all time except for The Who (hey, I’m a child of My Generation, what can I say?) is alive and well and ambitious as hell. It’s not enough for them to rule Seattle, they want the whole world.

And why not? Who deserves it more than, erm, well…my little girl?

That’s right, Amber Shine, the female-fronter talked about in the image above, is indeed my daughter. No, I’m not mentioning this to explain why she rocks because that’s something her own beautiful self is about. I’m mentioning it so everyone will understand that when I say she rocks it’s because I know. Because her mother and I have heard every word and note of every song she and Yevtushenko have written/played/recorded. read article

Here’s a Kickstarter Video Project We Can Get Behind


How can we not love a project that has as its logline:

The worst movie of all time brought to terrifying puppet life! read article



Are you an Alice Cooper freak? Then this one’s for you.

(And it just might work for ya even if you aren’t.) read article

Heartwarming Crowdfunding Success Story


Seriously. We love that this children’s book “written by Lauren (age 11)” has passed its Kickstarter goal of raising $5500 for the publication of her book, The Clown That Lost His Funny.

This is what groupfunding is for! read article