The DOCTOR Puppet Always Makes Me Go “Aw…”

…which wouldn’t happen no matter how cute this unauthorized (I assume) little guy is if the DOCTOR WHO series wasn’t right up there among the best ever on TV.

This weekend I celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! And I finally got my hands on some biscuits and other British treats. I had a lovely time. Thanks, friends!
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Thanks for the Fish…

…And for your support of the 21st PEOPLE’S PILOT
and 18th SPEC SCRIPTACULAR writing contests.

The contests are closed now, and if all goes well
we’ll begin judging them soon enough to start
announcing Semi-Finalists and Finalists in September
and October, and Winners right afterward.

In the meantime, some data, and even a few thoughts,
about how these most recent PPs and SSs (?) have
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Last Day to Enter TVWriter.Com Writing Contests


The fat lady sings tonight at the stroke of midnight.

Today, June 1st, is the last day to enter the the 21st
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1 1/2 Days Left to Enter the People’s Pilot & Spec Scriptacular Contests


That’s, right. Entries in the PEOPLE’S PILOT and SPEC
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The PEOPLE’S PILOT is for spec pilot scripts for original
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