munchman: ABC Gives McG Pilot Commitment for…”Romeo and Juliet?”

That’s a lot of initials, all adding up to another set of letters: WTF?

As modern a version of R & J as we need

For reasons I can’t for the life of me fathom, ABC today announced a deal with The Feature Film Director Who Pretentiously Calls Himself McG. (A name that might be kinda cool if he was African-American, but since he isn’t…)

The genius behind the film re-doodoos of CHARLIE’S ANGELS is producing a primetime soap based on either Shakespeare’s play or Leo DiCapria’s film or something. According to TVBizWire this time around we have two families in Southern California’s Venice Beach, one “well-off, the other struggling.”

They fight for power. Their kids fall in love. Romance, violence, and, most likely, boredom ensue.

Think I’m being too hard on this project? Do the titles HUMAN TARGET and FASTLANE ring a bell? Didn’t think so, but they were series produced McG. He also was in on the ground floor of SUPERNATURAL, NIKITA, and CHUCK, but I don’t care how long those shows have run or are running, they still suck.

There is, however, one ray of hope. The pilot for whatever this thing is called is scheduled to be written by Byron Balasco, who bring with him some good as well as some bad.

The good: He wrote DETROIT 1-8-7, which Yours Truly munchman liked.

The bad: Every other TV writer in Hollywood has written one version or other of DETROIT 1-8-7, under titles like NYPD BLUE, LAW & ORDER, DARK BLUE, THE DISTRICT, DRAGNET. Why, our boss, LB, has himself written 5,497 such shows–

Know why they call it “Development Hell?” Because, all things considered, what else can this kind of Development by Familiarity (with concepts, stories, talent, other attachments) possibly be?

munchman: M. Night Shyamalan Bringing His Patented Incoherence to TV

And Marti Noxon’s going to fix it! (We hope.)

M. Night Shyamalan Jumping Into Scripted TV With Syfy Project (Exclusive) – by Philiana NG

Syfy is getting into business with feature filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan.

The cable network has given a put-pilot commitment to a project from Shyamalan and Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Marti Noxon titled Proof, marking his first foray into scripted television, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Shyamalan, who made his mark with The Sixth Sense,would direct the Universal Cable Productions project.

Proof centers on the son of a billionaire tech genius who offers a large reward for anyone who can find proof of life after death following the tragic accident and sudden passing of his parents.

Shyamalan and Noxon will co-write the project and serve as EPs. Ashwin Rajan, of Shyamalan’s Blinding Eagle, will also serve as an exec producer.

Read it all

TVWriter™ predicts:

  1. The original script will suck because it will lack both characterization and logic
  2. The revised script will suck even more because Shyamalan won’t let Noxon add any characterization or logic and, in a fit of ego, will remove whatever was there before
  3. The pilot will cause unintended laughter every time it’s aired
  4. The pilot will be aired about 8000 times because the show will go to series no matter how bad it is, which means we’ll all have permanent smiles
  5. The series will be cancelled/abandoned/whatever before the first season can officially end
  6. Shyamalan will immediately go to work on another project for which he will be paid more money and will screw that one up too

Remember, boys and girls, you read it here first.

munchman: THE BRADY BUNCH is Rebooting.

Further proof that Vince Vaughn is as dumb as he looks (and that CBS development execs are even dumber):

CBS Developing ‘Brady Bunch’ Reboot With Vince Vaughn – by Lesley Goldberg

The network has given a script commitment to a reboot of The Brady Bunch from executive producer Vince Vaughn and CBS Television Studios, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The multicamera comedy about the famed TV family would revolve around the youngest of Mike Brady’s boys, Bobby Brady, as a divorced dad who remarries and starts a new family.

Raising Hope‘s Mike Mariano will pen the project and executive produce alongside Lloyd Schwartz, son of the late Sherwood Schwartz, who created the original ABC sitcom that ran from 1969-74. Vaughn, Victoria Vaughn and Peter Billingsleywill also exec produce through the actor’s Wild West Picture Show Productions shingle.

Read it all if you can stand to

The good news: The 2 writers, Mike Mariano and Lloyd Schwartz are right out there above the fold.

The terrible news: The concept.

Besides, I’ve been crushing on Florence Henderson since I saw my first BRADY BUNCH rerun. Making this just plain painful. Doesn’t anybody know how to do television right anymore? Anybody who’s working in it, I mean.

munchman: DOCTOR WHO Season Trailer

It’s the Doctor! It’s the Doctor! Just the sight of him makes both my hearts stand still.

munchman: Bongs, Weed, & SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME

A little showbiz behind-the-scenes found on the internets:

So now tell me why the hell Megan Mullally isn’t on a series!

Lovin’ on her even tho she doesn’t really take a hit in the video