Zeitgeist Boom Redoux

by Larry Brody

And now, due to popular demand, the second of the “Zeitgeist Boom”/”Drunken Monkey” columns from wherever the hell it is I first published them (It’s fiction, dammit! Don’t forget – it’s fiction!):



Mean Woman Blues

By Drunken Monkey

I’m in the Airstream, on the not-so-foamy pad that passes for a bed, playing a sweet shuffle beat on a little gal I met at the Chimacum feed store across the highway, when my cell phone rings.

Well, it doesn’t ring, actually, it starts thumping out the opening of “L.A. Woman.” Which, if you’re old enough to remember that song, you’ll know is totally out of sync with my fucking, or anybody’s, for that matter. read article

Zeitgeist Boom? Drunken Monkey? What the Hell?

by Larry Brody

Speaking of book deals, I’ve been thinking lately about re-using a character I created a couple of years ago for a column I began writing in a Seattle-based rock mag. The column was pseudonymous and fictionalized – a less than idealistic picture of what my life was like back in the day when I would rather have played drums than breathed.

I don’t know how long the magazine lasted. Maybe it’s still going. But I only wrote two columns because they never got around to paying me. Because they were just launching and I felt sorry for them, the fee was only lunch, but still. Anyway, here’s the character. I’m thinking of making him the protagonist in a novel set in the ’60s, in a music world I knew all too well.

What do you think? read article

I Turned Down a Book Deal Last Week

by Larry Brody

My Truly Wonderful Friend & Agent’s not going to like me talking about this, but, c’mon, public nos don’t just trump private ones they whip the total bejezus out of ’em.

What happened was that about a month ago the TRF&W told me about a series of non-fiction books being done by an editor friend of hers, and the general substance of them was right up my alley. In fact, the editor had already come up with a topic that I know more about than just about anyone on this planet. (No, I’m not going to tell you what it is.) Was I interested? read article


by Larry Brody

Still the most insightful, most accurate, and just plain best film ever made about the showbiz I know, with Kevin Spacey doing Jay Bernstein better than even Jay could.

And now I find out it was a play? In London? read article

THE GLADES is Back for Season 3

by Larry Brody

My wife Gwen the Beautiful and I have been enjoying A&E’s THE GLADES since its debut. For us, the series has two things going for it.

  1. It’s a cop show from the days they were cop shows instead of police procedurals, which means that although there are some unexpected twists  there’s also a light-hearted feeling that makes me glad to be watching. (As opposed to,  say, the plodding grimness of the CSIs, and the forced, usually unsuitable unclever repartee of the “Characters Welcome” shows on USA.)
  2. The star, Matt Passmore, looks just like old friend, law-enforcement-officer-turned-actor-writer-producer Chriss Anglin.
Not Matt Passmore

Last night we settled in to watch our DVR’d Season 3 opener and had a good time. This show goes especially well with tequila, and with 1800 anejo…ah. We were especially pleased to see that the spark has returned to the Jim Longworth-Callie Cargill relationship. (The hero and his honey, right.) read article