Books About TV, Screen and Other Writing

The following list of Books You Can’t Live Without is based on a set of criteria that I admit may be considered highly idiosyncratic. I judge a book on screenwriting, television writing, or just plain writing on the following:

  • How well the author understands the philosophical ideal of the good script (or novel or short story or sentence)
  • How much practical knowledge of the business side of things the author demonstrates
  • How entertaining the author’s writing style is (because that’s a direct example of how good a writer he or she is)
  • How much I learn from the author
  • How much I personally know about the author and his or her work (and how much I admire him or her)

Now that you’re armed with knowledge of my bias, here is my list of:

 The 10 Most Helpful Writing Books You Can Read

And the absolutely most necessary book for all writers of any kind:

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