Book Review: Brevity for Fun & Profit

Behold the mantra of TVWriter™’s fearless (feckless?) leader, Larry Brody:

“Could be shorter. Could be cleverer. Could be tenser.” 

Okay, so the rhythm there isn’t quite perfect, but the thought behind what LB says is true. Brevity sells. And if you want a crash course in how to achieve it, we’ve found just the book for you to see.

Have a quick look:

This is just some of the greatness you’ll find in Lisa Brown’s Long Story Short. 100 Classic Books in 3 panels. And no, it isn’t a textbook, it’s a book of graphic examples of how to condense great and near great literature into 3-panel comic strips.

This TVWriter™ minion found the book entertaining as all get-out. And it also set the wheels of condensation a-whirlin’. Find out more HERE

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