Big News from Lou Stone Borenstein

NOTE FROM LB: Read on, por favor. I’ll explain later:

by Lou Stone Borenstein


I have written an entire sketch show and it will be performed live. I’m very excited about this show. It represents years of work on my part. I hope you’re excited too. Excited enough to save the date, which is coming up very soon.

Have some deets:

A History of CENSORED in America
(A satirical look at censorship in the U.S. from 1791 through the present day. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. And then maybe you’ll drink.)

Friday, June 2 @ 8pm
iO West Theater
6366 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tickets are $10 at the door. But some comp tickets are available. Contact me if you’d like any.

Valet parking is available next to the theater for $8.
There is also metered parking on Hollywood Blvd and surrounding streets.

If you’re one of those rare people who live close to L.A.’s Metro, the Hollywood/Vine station is a very short walk from the theater.

Or just Uber. Or just Lyft.

I’m really hoping you can come out to support this one. I mean, really, when was the last time I asked?

Keep laughing,

CONTINUING THE NOTE FROM LB: Lou Stone Borenstein has been writing and performing comedy since 2007. His writing credits include co-creating and writing the web series “Is This Thing On?” and writing for the DreamWorksTV digital show “Human Bowling Showdown.”

He was the face of Deep River Rock water in an international ad campaign and of in an online campaign. He performed stand-up regularly at the New York and Broadway Comedy Clubs in New York and now performs in L.A.

Other accomplishments include winning on Wheel of Fortune and publishing a crossword puzzle in the New York Times. Lou is a Recommended Writer and a guy whose talent I greatly respect.

In other words, I recommend this show to anyone who’ll be in L.A. this Friday!