BEWITCHED & Other Classic TV Reboots Gotcha Down?

Are yawl among the haters hating on the new version of BEWITCHED (among others) some idiotic idiots over at NBC (among others) are idiotically planning to do? We minions of TVWriter™ don’t understand all that antipathy to these fools, mainly cuz we’re so young that even the reruns of the various classics have passed us by. But be that as it may, here’s somebody who gets the point…and points out just what fools the network development executive mortals be:

by Ken Levine

What? Nobody's rebooting FATHER KNOWS BEST? Why not? Huh? Huh...?
What? Nobody’s rebooting FATHER KNOWS BEST? Why not? Huh? Huh…?

I guess original ideas are now out. For years networks have been “claiming” that want new ideas, fresh voices. They’re done with tired hackneyed sitcom premises. They have no use for old style rhythms. It’s time to reinvent the form. Be daring. “This is not your parents sitcom.”

Well, they’re past that. This year practically everything they’re buying is either adaptations of old movies or adaptations of old TV shows. Gee, that worked so well for NBC with IRONSIDE and THE BIONIC WOMAN.

NBC is rebooting BEWITCHED. Like we need to see that bastardized again. Anyone remember the Nora Ephron film version with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell? Probably not because no one went to see it. Could it just possibly be, and I know this is a crazy notion, that the charm and appeal of BEWITCHED was Elizabeth Montgomery? Brooklyn Decker might not measure up. Or Sarah Chalke. Or “fill in blank of blonde actress who bombed in three previous romantic sitcoms.” By the way, there was a bidding war for this project.

Every day I read that another chestnut is being dusted off. The movie HITCHED recently. ABC is remaking THE BACHELOR PARTY. FOX just bought THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE’S FATHER (that one is a real head scratcher).

NBC tried to reboot SAY ANYTHING, but Cameron Crowe (God bless him) made a stink and they dropped the project.

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One thought on “BEWITCHED & Other Classic TV Reboots Gotcha Down?”

  1. As the author of the first and original Bewitched Book, its various revisions known as Bewitched Forever, Twitch Upon A Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery, and The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery: A Guide To Her Magical Performances; as a producer, consultant and/or on-air cultural commentator for Bewitched: the E! True Hollywood Story, A&E’s Biography of Elizabeth Montgomery, Sony’s DVD release of the original Bewitched, and Nora Ephron’s Bewitched feature film; and as the Founder and Executive Director of The Classic TV Preservation Society (a nonprofit that helps to close the gap between popular culture and education), I FULLY support NBC’s new “Bewitched” plans and have absolutely no issue with any development slate of any reboot, remake, or re-do of any classic television show for several reasons:

    1] Such developments prove just how influential classic television programming was and remains;

    2] There are essentially only a few basic core stories (many of which that were initiated by Shakespeare), and EVERY TV show, past, present or future, was, is or will be a reworking of basic storylines, plots and premises that have been around since the day time began.

    3] Remakes, reboots, re-dos keep alive the memory of classics, and celebrate the foundation of the entertainment industry in general, and the television industry in particular.

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