BBC has opened its TV archives to all comers – for a price, of course

BBC Shop Capture

The BBC has announced that as of today all its television show archives are available for download and purchase via the BBC Shop section of its iPlayer video player. Here’s part of the announcement:

Buying from BBC Store means you can watch your purchases on iPlayer. Simply sign in to access all your purchases in the My Programmes section of iPlayer. Today you’ll be able to watch your purchases back on the iPlayer website, whether accessed via a computer, tablet or mobile and we’ll soon be adding the ability to playback your purchases via the BBC iPlayer mobile apps and next year, via iPlayer on TV. We also plan to add the option to download BBC Store purchases via BBC iPlayer to watch offline.

The BBC says that all of its content is available, and we all know that means one Acme Load O’Great Content. The beeb also swears up, down, and probably sideways as well that this won’t affect its details with Netflix and other video on demand sites.

Unlike the shows that are available on iPlayer itself, which aren’t available for viewing outside the UK, BBC Shop is open to all, so you won’t even need a VPN to fill your “basket.”