BATES HOTEL’s Carlton Cuse Wants You

…To design the show’s opening “credits.” Well, the press release says “credits,” but we’re thinking it probably means “titles,” no?

Anyway, here’s the skinny. A &E Network has put out the call for fans to help create the opening title sequence for BATES MOTEL, a prequel to the Hitchcock-Joseph Stefano (hey, he’s the writer!) classic, PSYCHO.

According to showrunner Carlton Cuse, “We’re looking for an awesome fifteen-second title sequence that captures the feel of Bates Motel — not as a slasher/horror show, but as a complex, character-based thriller.”

Cuse will judge the submissions, with the winner receiving $2,500 and the possibility that the idea will become the actual title sequence. To enter the contest, which ends January 3rd, make your way to the BATES MOTEL Facebook page.

And to be prepared for the contest, wrap your heads around this delightful premise: It’s a show about the teenaged Norman Bates living with his loving momma, here called Norma.

Norma. Yeah. Right. As of this moment, we admit we’re far more interested in the potential contest entries here at TVWriter™ than we’ll ever be in watching this series.



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