Rerun Century is the Classic TV Site We’ve Been Looking For
Free Videos and Twentieth Century Television

We got this email just the other day and found it fascinating:

Dear TVWriter™,

I run a site documenting free classic TV videos in the public domain. The videos are those in the massive catalog at Internet Archive. Videos are browsable by title chronologically and by genre, with thumbnails & episode summaries. EZ to binge-watch the classics! read article

2014 PEOPLE’S PILOT Finalists!

For contest ending June 1, 2014



ANGEL RADIO by Keith Davidson read article

Want to See Some Commissioned Professional Pilot Scripts?

We’ve talked about the Google TV Writing site as one of the major interweb resources for professional pilot scripts, many of the  for our favorite shows, before. But now, thanks to FOTV (friend of TVWriter™) James Kelly, we’re here to tell you that there are even more – and newer scripts than  before.

Including these, from 2013-14:

How cool is all this? read article

Networking for Introverts


Susan Cain, the most extraverted introvert in the world, tells us how to network by creating what she calls a “socialization quota.”

But after seeing this video, we’ll never believe that she needs to do anything but be her bubbly, outgoing self: read article

The Black List is Rating Spec TV Pilot Scripts Now

PIC_1_150dpi.fullsizeby Team TVWriter™ Press Service

The Black List is this in, hip, and trendy web site that’s become kind of a big deal by choosing the best spec screenplays every year, after which movie companies that wouldn’t have read them before not only read the choices but actually make deals for them. Some of the deals even involve $$$.

And $$$, as we all know, are very nice, erm, things.

Not satisfied with aiding and abetting the careers of countless new screenwriters, the site has turned its attention to television and recently announced that “writers from around the world will be able to uphold their original pilot scripts (and, optionally, their series bibles) to the script database, request evaluations by professional script readers, and make their scripts available to the Black List’s growing membership….” read article