Barbara Miller Watches Hannibal

hannibalpicby Barbara Miller

If it’s a cop show I’ll watch it, at least once.

Having seen the original Manhunter with William Peterson as Will Graham, I was curious to see how they would tell the story of his earlier years.

After watching three episodes, I’m undecided about attempting to watch more. read article

Did We Mention That the TVWriter™ Theme for the Day is – Rejection! (Part 2)

Time now for more happy thoughts.

In the post just below this one, we gave (give?) you one expert opinion on handling assholes who don’t understand your work the note-givers you work for. Here’s another perspective from fan favorite Peggy Bechko:

battle angel

Writers Dealing With Rejection
by Peggy Bechko read article

Looking for TV Pilot Scripts?

A few days ago we showed you where to find scripts for various U.S. dramas and sitcoms. Now we’re showing you where to go for pilot teleplays from the U.S. and U.K.:


Click HERE for U.S. Dramas read article

Remember the Writer Who Submitted the CASABLANCA Script As His Own…

…And got rejected by about a zillion agents who didn’t recognize it as an Academy Award-winning screenplay?

His name was Chuck Ross, and 30 years ago Film Comment Magazine published his article on what Chuck calls “the most outrageous ‘test’ ever conducted with those who work in the movie industry.” read article