How to Get Accepted at an Artist Residency

Some visitors to TVWriter™ may be surprised to hear that many artists in all disciplines don’t make a whole lotta money. Which means they – okay, let’s be honest – we sometimes – oops – often need help finding creative space or just plain making ends meet. Here are some tips getting yourself a very special kind of help:

by Alanna Schubach

Last August, I made a brief visit to paradise. I woke up early and took a quick walk down a flower-lined path and over a river to breakfast. Once caffeinated, I headed to my studio, a cozy room with a bookshelf, desk, and armchair for reading, with a window overlooking that river, whose burbling underscored several hours of writing. I went to lunch at 12, then spent some time lounging in an Adirondack chair in the sun, reading. After that, maybe I went for a hike, or to a yoga class, or back to my studio. Then dinner, followed by more writing, then a reading or artist lecture, then out for some drinks in town. read article

Peggy Bechko on Your Characters’ Needs & Desires

The Joker’s Wants vs. Batman’s Needs – now THAT’s conflict!

by Peggy Bechko

When you begin crafting a story have you taken into consideration the needs and wants of your main characters?

You should. Because when you get down to it, those are the driving forces of your story.

Now many people may jump up and yell, no, it’s conflict! “If there isn’t conflict, there isn’t a story.” But where does that conflict come from? read article

Laura Conway: How & Why to Make a Web Series – Part 1

EDITOR’S NOTE: Toldja TVWriter™ would have more from Laura Conway. Welcome to the first in Laura’s series on the making of her very, very, very popular interweb series hit.

Choosing the Script to Get Your Web Series Rolling
by Laura Conway

I’m not a professional writer. I never went to film school. And I write and produce my own web series, The Vamps Next Door. Guess you could say I’m a perpetual amateur running amok with a camera. It’s my strange kind of hobby and, for a raving writer like myself, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. If you’re a new writer and it’s your first time producing your own script, all these words are for you.

I’ve been writing stories ever since I could write and I write comedy because I love making people laugh. But seven pilots and six screenplays later, sure all that writing was fun, but something was always missing. There was no audience laughing. If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? read article

Star Trek: The Original Series Story Editor D.C. Fontana Speaks!

Back in the day when Our Beloved Leader Larry Brody was breaking into the biz one of his early mentors was his still very good friend Dorothy Fontana, known best by her oft-seen D.C. Fontana TV byline on everything from ST:TOS to The Six Million Dollar Man, Kung Fu, The Streets of San Francisco, Logan’s Run, The Waltons, ST: NG, The Silver Surfer, to just about 2 million other great shows.

There’s no question that Dorothy is one of the pioneering and genuine greats of TV writing. Talk about knowing your stuff! It’s always a treat to hear what she has to say:

Allie Theiss: 5 Shocking Plot Twists That Will Leave You Gasping

Oh, not Ned Stark!

by Allie Theiss

Who doesn’t love a good plot twist that gets your heart pounding and causes you to scream out a “WTF?!”

Viewers love to be surprised, and writers enjoy throwing surprises into the screenplay. A shocking plot twist deliberately doesn’t fit in with the apparent storyline. But there it is anyway, intended to change things up and pivot the plot.

However, have you really ever watched a plot twist that had you gasping for air? Did it literally send you into a panic attack? read article