Cartoon: ‘Ode to an Unfinished Book’

Grant Snider makes this TVWriter™ minion feel like she belongs. (And there aren’t many people I can say that about.) Case in point:

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Most Viewed TVWriter™ Posts of the Week – May 7, 2018

Time for TVWriter™’s Monday look at our most popular blog posts of the week ending yesterday. They are:

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David Perlis: Dave Searches for Love

NOTE FROM LB: Regular TVWriter™ visitors will remember David Perlis, who honored us with his writing presence throughout much of 2017. After which he left L.A. to return to his home state of Louisiana to continue the quest that is his (and all of ours as well) life. How’s he faring? Let’s find out:

Dave Searches For Love
by David Perlis

Sometimes I don’t know why I’m single. Enter Symone:

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The 2018 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest

Time now for a few words about one of TVWriter™’s favorite genres:

The 2018 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest is open for submissions and we’re thrilled to announce this year’s killer Hollywood jury! read article

Showbiz Gig: Current Series Manager @ DreamWorks TV

This TVWriter™ minion has an admission to make. I have no idea what the job we’re about to show you really entails, but given the employer and the, well, “genre” it’s in, I’d take it in a minute. (So y’all better act fast!)

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