Motion Picture Academy Announces 2013 Nicholl Fellowships

Nicholl Award Director Greg Beal – cuz it’s always good to personalize these things

by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

Ooh, a press release. And from the Motion Picture Academy!

It doesn’t get much better than this. Especially when the release is about a group of people very near and dear to TVWriter™’s heart: The finalists in the 2013 Nicholl Award Competition.

Take it away, MPAS: read article

2013 PEOPLE’S PILOT Winners

22nd People’s Pilot Winners

For contest ending June 1, 2013


ONE-HOUR SHOWS read article

Who is Herbie J Pilato?

Glad you asked. We at TVWriter™ have known long-time contributor Herbie J since the site’s inception over a decade ago, giving us lots of stories to tell. So many, in fact, that there’s no way we do them justice. So we cast about for somebody else who could pick up the reins. Here’s the result:

20121202_094201_pn03 herbi pilanto bewitched elizabeth montgomery

By Leyla Salvade

Author, actor, producer and singer/songwriter Herbie J Pilato is a modern-day Renaissance man with a purpose; he’s an inspiration – a guiding force to a present and future group of what he calls “Hollywood hopefuls.”

“I love Hollywood – and I love it for all the right reasons,” he says with a gleam of bright light and enthusiasm in his warm brown eyes that glisten during an early spring lunch at the Casa Cabo Mexican restaurant in Burbank, California (where Pilato resides). “This is a very nostalgic place for me,” he says of Casa Cabo, formerly the famous Chadney’s eatery that sat across the street from the former NBC Studios. read article

Barbara Miller Watches Hannibal

hannibalpicby Barbara Miller

If it’s a cop show I’ll watch it, at least once.

Having seen the original Manhunter with William Peterson as Will Graham, I was curious to see how they would tell the story of his earlier years.

After watching three episodes, I’m undecided about attempting to watch more. read article

Did We Mention That the TVWriter™ Theme for the Day is – Rejection! (Part 2)

Time now for more happy thoughts.

In the post just below this one, we gave (give?) you one expert opinion on handling assholes who don’t understand your work the note-givers you work for. Here’s another perspective from fan favorite Peggy Bechko:

battle angel

Writers Dealing With Rejection
by Peggy Bechko read article