One of the sad facts of television production is that not only do the best scripts often not make it to the screen, the best versions of scripts often don’t make it either. Which means that if you’re watching a lot of TV and thinking, “Hey, I can write like that. This gig’s for me,” odds are that more often than not you’re comparing yourself to competition that’s been watered down by network, star, and budget needs.

The following article will introduce you to seven of the best TV drama pilots ever written, as they were in fact written. Complete with links. Check ’em out!

wanted-pilot-scriptsby Stephanie Palmer

One of the best ways to learn how to write TV pilot scripts, is by reading pilot scripts. I gathered seven pilot scripts from some of the most talked-about drama pilots of the last three years. read article

Dennis O’Neal Watches His Character’s Translation from Comics to TV


Gotham’s Doctor, Batman’s Saint
by Dennis O’Neal

You may have seen it yourself: the scene a while back in which James Gordon and Dr. Leslie Thompkins stand in front of their police department colleagues getting very well acquainted. It happened during an episode of Gotham and although the television Leslie wasn’t the Leslie Dick Giordano and I introduced in Detective Comics #457, I didn’t mind. I know that television shows are not comic books: they have different techniques, strengths, weaknesses, and that the story being told there on the tube wasn’t our story and that serialized characters have to evolve if they are to survive for decades, as Leslie has.

In the weeks since the television Leslie was introduced, we’ve seen her become her own person – witty, intelligent, feisty. Independent. I’d happily watch her if her name were Honorifica Flabdiggle, especially if Bertha, like Leslie, were played by the talented and truly lovely Morena Baccarin.

She was created – Leslie, not Honorifica- to serve the plot of the particular story we were working on, to supplement Bruce Wayne’s biography, and to add an element to the Batman mythos. read article

Rerun Century is the Classic TV Site We’ve Been Looking For
Free Videos and Twentieth Century Television

We got this email just the other day and found it fascinating:

Dear TVWriter™,

I run a site documenting free classic TV videos in the public domain. The videos are those in the massive catalog at Internet Archive. Videos are browsable by title chronologically and by genre, with thumbnails & episode summaries. EZ to binge-watch the classics! read article

2014 PEOPLE’S PILOT Finalists!

For contest ending June 1, 2014



ANGEL RADIO by Keith Davidson read article

Want to See Some Commissioned Professional Pilot Scripts?

We’ve talked about the Google TV Writing site as one of the major interweb resources for professional pilot scripts, many of the  for our favorite shows, before. But now, thanks to FOTV (friend of TVWriter™) James Kelly, we’re here to tell you that there are even more – and newer scripts than  before.

Including these, from 2013-14:

How cool is all this? read article