Laura Conway on Web Series: Finding and Working with a Director

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here it is. The third chapter in Laura’s series on the making of her very, very, very popular – over 3 million views – interweb series hit The Vamps Next Door.

Man Up, Kid Cause This is Gonna Hurt…So Good
by Laura Conway

Deciding to make your script into a web series means it’s no longer just about you, it’s about read more

Cartoon: ‘LOOKING UP’

Our favorite artist/philosopher, Grant Snider,  tells us a true story about all that glitters:

More of Grant Snider’s sensitive perception at Incidental Comics, HERE

Buy Grant’s wonderful new book HERE

Diana Black on Targeting Your Spec TV Script

Enjoy this cool visual metaphor found on the interwebs

 by Diana Black

Is there such a thing as, ‘The’ definitive television series? Perhaps once, in relation to narrative form and length of ‘season’. But gone are the days when series television originated solely from broadcast networks. Now thanks to Cable subscription and the Internet, not only has the viewing read more

How to Get Accepted at an Artist Residency

Some visitors to TVWriter™ may be surprised to hear that many artists in all disciplines don’t make a whole lotta money. Which means they – okay, let’s be honest – we sometimes – oops – often need help finding creative space or read more

Peggy Bechko on Your Characters’ Needs & Desires

The Joker’s Wants vs. Batman’s Needs – now THAT’s conflict!

by Peggy Bechko

When you begin crafting a story have you taken into consideration the needs and wants of your main characters?

You should. Because when you get down to it, those are the driving forces of your story.

Now many people may jump up and yell, no, it’s conflict! “If there isn’t conflict, there isn’t read more