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by Bri Castellini

I think as liberals, especially liberals who are well-educated about discourse and rhetoric and identity who could be considered the “intellectual elite”, we often read more

Have You Heard the Good News About ‘Duck Tales?’

Duck Tales, one of the most well-written animated kids’ shows in all of TV, has been renewed for Season 3. We know because Disney said so, right here:

What makes the announcement video above particularly notable to us here at TVWriter™ is that the voice actors who play Huey, Dewey, and Louie read more

South Africa’s OUTtv is Fighting the LBGT Fight

“Everything’s a battle” is a truism of the television industry, worldwide. Take this one, for example:

Why the gay-focused channel OUTtv on DStv will only be made available in South Africa and not the rest of Africa
by Thinus Ferreira

The gay-focused OUTtv channel will only be available in South Africa and nowhere else in Africa where organised opposition and resistance to the broadcast of “pro-gay” read more

John Ostrander: The Doctor and the Judge

by John Ostrander

Two big events occurred last weekend: Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as a Supreme Court judge and the first woman to play Doctor Who (Jodie Whitaker) debuted. One event delighted me and the other appalled me. Can you guess which was which?

There is something that read more

Cartoon: ‘City in Color’

Creative people see the world differently. As he proves right here, right now, Grant Snider is very creative indeed:

Originally published in “The Believer” magazine.

More of Grant Snider’s extraordinary perception of human creativity at Incidental Comics, HERE

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