Is Apple’s Original TV Content Going to Crash & Burn?

Apple is committed to spending billions on original TV content over the next 5 years. Does that mean we’re going to get the killer shows we’ve all been looking forward to? According to this analysis, signs point to, “Uh-oh.”

It Sounds like Apple’s original content is going to be really, really bad
by Jonathan Sheiber

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PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018 Writing Contest Countdown

The 27th running of our PEOPLE’S PILOT Script Writing Contest ends at 10:00 pm Pacific Time tomorrowNovember 1st.

Over $20,000 worth of prizes and bonuses, including free feedback & TVWriter™ founder Larry Brody’s Storytelling Patterns e-booklet await all entrants read more

Cartoon: ‘Writers’ Block’

Something to think about:

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WGA Awards Deadline Reminder

From the WGAW to God’s ears…and yours too:

If you’re a pro who wrote their heart out on a TV series/special or a film seen, or scheduled to be seen, by the public this year, this definitely is something to shoot for.

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“I write disabled characters who aren’t evil, piteous, or helpless”

Everyone is happy (or says they are) about seeing more diverse characters on TV these days. But one “diverse” group of actors we aren’t seeing is those we could characterize as “disabled.” For those who wonder what’s up,  we bring you this report:

Kaite O’Reilly

by Dawn Foster

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