Why Cord Cutting is Crushing Cable TV

Regular visitors to TVWriter™ know what huge fans we are of cord cutting. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we bring y’all the following celebration of, erm, same:

by Justin Pott

Cord cutting is picking up steam. Forecasters are predicting a 33 percent increase in people dropping their cable subscription this year over last—faster than analysts predicted.

You might think this is all about the money, and that’s certainly a big factor. Cable TV bills, after the first year lock-in deals expire, can easily climb above $100 a month. Replacing a cable subscription with Netflix, which costs $14 a month at most, is a quick way to save a little money. And sure, part of that $100+ per month you’re still going to have to pay if you’re keeping your broadband internet. But, even with that, you can still save money cutting the cord.

But cord cutting isn’t just about the money. Depending on how many streaming services you pay for, cord cutting might even be more expensive than cable (especially since you still have to pay for internet access), but people are doing it anyway, because streaming services at this point are better than cable. Here are a few reasons why.

Streaming Services Offer Better User Interfaces

I haven’t had cable since college, back when woolly mammoths roamed the US and Slashdot’s traffic could take down web-servers. Things were straight forward then: you turned on your TV and changed the channel until you found something you wanted to watch.

Modern cable setups are not like this. For one thing, the advent of digital channels has made channel changing slower. Try to flip through channels these days, and you often have to wait a few seconds before each channel actually pops up on the screen.

And yes, modern cable set top boxes try to offer features like interactive guides and searches, but those are often more frustrating than they should be. The guides and other features can be slow to work with, and most show channels you don’t even have access to with no way to filter them out.

Take Verizon’s FIOS offering, for example. One of my coworkers with FIOS reports that it’s so slow that just about every button press takes seconds to respond. Fire up their On Demand interface, and it can take up to 30 seconds to load. And even then, the thumbnails for shows haven’t popped in….

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And, speaking of cable’s losses, this post’s pretty darned interesting as well.

Cartoon: ‘Other People’s Bookshelves’

Grant Snider goes all out on this one. Not that we’re judging. Oh no:


What a you see here is part of a wonderful and illuminating cartoon triptych. You can – and should – see Part 3 – and the punchline that explains the punchline in our intro above in the lower third of the page HERE

More of Grant Snider’s sensitive perception of humanity and creativity at Incidental Comics, HERE

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Have You Checked Out ‘StoryShifter?’

by TVWriter™ News Service

We’ve just discovered a new organization that’s not only worth talking about and even visiting, it’s also a primo place to totally hang out.

It’s called Storyshifter and here’s its very impressive mission statement:

Are you a radical artist or storyteller who disrupts harmful narratives we see in the media by producing creative content that portrays people, places and events in a new light?  Does your work address racial or gender equality, access to health and education or protecting our planet?

?We are currently seeking films, PSAs, songs, music videos, poetry clips – you name it – about pressing world issues to be part of our Beta launch.

The founder of StoryShifter is Lisa Russell, and her story goes like this:

With a diverse portfolio of creative work that spans the arts, social justice and global development, Lisa is on a mission to revolutionize storytelling for the social good. As Founder and CEO of StoryShifter, Lisa is launching a new entertainment portal for the social good, powered by machine learning and data analytics. Her goal is to grow the world’s largest roster of international artists, storytellers, and innovators who are committed to using their talents to address racial and gender inequalities, promote health and education, and protect the planet.

Oh, and it sounds like this:

More about what Lisa and StoryShifter are up to here:


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Speaking of ‘Doctor Who…’

Major Doctor Who fans that we are (as witnessed by the post below) we kinda sorta thought you’d like to see these two videos because, well, we sure did.

So, with no further ado:

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