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Optioning My TV Series From Outside of L.A.

Kathryn Graham: What Makes ClexaCon Special? tie with Dawn McElligott: CSUN Says ‘Olé for Hollywood’

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Writing the Dreaded Outline

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David Perlis: Dave Searches for Love

NOTE FROM LB: Regular TVWriter™ visitors will remember David Perlis, who honored us with his writing presence throughout much of 2017. After which he left L.A. to return to his home state of Louisiana to continue the quest that is his (and all of ours as well) life. How’s he faring? Let’s find out:

Dave Searches For Love
by David Perlis

Sometimes I don’t know why I’m single. Enter Symone:



Symone is no longer speaking to me. My search continues.

David Perlis is a screenwriter and former People’s Pilot Finalist This post first appeared on his very entertaining blog.

The 2018 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest

Time now for a few words about one of TVWriter™’s favorite genres:

The 2018 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Contest is open for submissions and we’re thrilled to announce this year’s killer Hollywood jury!

As one of the most successful genres for launching careers, horror has stood the test of time as a playful genre for innovation and new talent to succeed within low budget limitations. This year’s judges include producers and managers at the top of their game in the horror genre, with films to their credit including DONNIE DARKOINSIDIOUSSAWGET OUTTHE PURGE and many more.

Mark your calendar: the final deadline is June 29th, 2018.   The 2018 judges include some of Hollywood’s top horror movie producers:

  • Sean McKittrick, Film Producer at Darko Entertainment, and the producer of such films as DONNIE DARKOPRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES and Jordan Peele’s recent blockbuster GET OUT. 
  • Ryan Turek, VP of Development at Blumhouse Productions (company credits include PARANORMAL ACTIVITYINSIDIOUSSINISTEROCULUSTHE PURGETHE GREEN INFERNO and Academy-award nominee WHIPLASH). Turek is also the founder of popular horror website
  • Kailey Marsh, Manager / Producer and CEO of Kailey Marsh Media as well as the creator of & BloodList, the highly anticipated annual list of best unproduced horror and dark genre screenplays in Hollywood. Kailey’s clients include multiple staffed writers & directors as well as clients writing projects for studios.
  • Andrew Wilson, Manager at Zero Gravity Management, the production and management production company behind dozens of genre films, as well as such top Hollywood talent as Katherine Heigl, Madison Iseman, Will Yun Lee, Maggie Grace, Dolph Lundgren, Kellan Lutz and many more.


Thanks to MovieBytes and Screencraft for the heads up.

Showbiz Gig: Current Series Manager @ DreamWorks TV

This TVWriter™ minion has an admission to make. I have no idea what the job we’re about to show you really entails, but given the employer and the, well, “genre” it’s in, I’d take it in a minute. (So y’all better act fast!)

There’s more, of course, and you can read it all at MediaBistro.Com HERE

Here’s another appetite-whetting pic:

You know the drill. TVWriter™ isn’t recommending this gig. We’re putting it out there for you to see and use your own judgment about. If you do answer the ad, please let us know what happens!

We’re rooting for ya!

Web Series: ‘An Emmy For Megan’

Megan Amram proves she’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish her life-long dream of winning an Emmy.

Okay. So…

After finding out about Megan Amram’s new new web series (just scroll on down or CLICK HERE and you’ll see what we’re talking about), we just had, had, had to see it.

And so, of course, do you. So here’s Episode 1:

Pretty fucking funny, yeah?

And check out these credits:

Created / Written / Directed By: Megan Amram
Executive Produced By: Megan Amram, Dave Kneebone, Janel Kranking
Producer: Joseph Carnegie
Starring: Megan Amram
Guest Starring: Brian Polk, Alison Rich, Shannon Woodward
Director of Photography: Barry Elmore
Editor: Drew Kordik
Sound Mixer: John Maynard
Camera Operator: Billy Coleman
Graphic Artist: Tak Boroyan
Production Assistants: Andrea Arrellaga, David Carliner

For more episodes of An Emmy For Megan visit

FTR: LB loved this. Thought it was funny as hell. So what if it’s one more slot created for newbies being snatched away by a seasoned pro. Right? Right?