Hard at Work Here

…setting up this new version of TVWriter.Com, mostly trying to figure out how to best use the blog elements so the site can be as entertaining as it is informative. (Note to self: “Informative” is not a funny word.)

What Showbiz is All About

Been thinking about posting snippets, vids, etc. like the one above from other blogs and showbiz web pages, sort of like expanded tweets. (Hey, don’t forget to follow us.) Also about recruiting my working friends and long-time site users for blog work here. Lots of ideas percolating, but I can always use more because I’ve worked in the biz long enough to realize that picking the brains of others is, you know, easier than giving myself a headache by thinking too much. Bottom line: Your suggestions will be hotly welcomed. Either as Comments or in e-mail, whatever.


LB: I still don’t know Ken Levine…

…but he sure knows what it’s like to write for TV. Here’s what Memorial Day means to writers:

Memorial Day then staff work begins!

Happy Memorial Day. This is the time of the year when writing staffs go back to work. If you’re an aspiring TV scribe, I hope someday that’ll be you. Here’s what you can sort of expect…at least on the comedy side.

The first week will just be sharing vacation stories, home remodeling nightmares, debating the Dan Harmon firing,  trashing WHITNEY. You’ll go out for long lunches, bitch about how much other writers make, compare Prius prices, recommend apps for your iPad and iPhone, and discuss the upcoming summer movie slate. My blog might come up. Half will like it, half will think it’s a piece of shit.

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All of you of course know exactly what the contests are, but on the off
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So far this year entries have been on the light side, but the last week
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You too can achieve your dream, but you’ve got to HURRY!

Larry B
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By Larry Brody

TVWriter™  is about you. The new writer. And you. The experienced writer. The writer in search of knowledge. The writer perfecting his or her skill. The writer dreaming about “making it” in the media today.

Want to become part of showbiz as we currently know it? A writer or writer-producer of sitcoms or dramas or action series? A writer or writer-producer of television movies? A writer or writer-director of feature films?

Great! Terrific! TVWriter™  is for YOU.

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Equally great! Equally terrific! TVWriter™  is for YOU TOO.

The newly redesigned site is packed with free info based on my 40 years in the biz. Everything you need to know to plan your campaign to take over the television world is right here. Information so you know what you’re doing. Workshops so you can gain the writing experience you need. And for encouragement – and prizes – check out our Contests.

Have a question that’s not answered on TVWriter™ ‘s regular pages? Ask away on the Message Board. Play Stump the Brode – because even if I can’t answer it I know someone who can. Regular respondents include a Senior Vice President of one of the largest production companies in the business; the showrunners of one of television’s longest-lasting sitcoms and one of its most successful ongoing dramas; the former writer-producers of several of the medium’s most watched shows; plus various feature writers, producers, agents, and executives from all over show business.

One way or another, TVWriter™  will make sure that you get the knowledge you need. I’ve always felt like the luckiest guy in the world because I was able to walk in the Hollywood door, make a great living, and have a (mostly) wonderful time there for so many years.

Now I’m giving back. All of us here are dedicated to giving you the knowledge you need. To helping you develop your talent to its fullest. To getting you up the ladder of success. To achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

And all we ask – all we’ll ever ask – is that someday you make sure that you’re available to the next generation of dreamers. Someone once said that, “Living well is the best revenge,” but I’ve learned a more important truth:

“Giving back is the best reward.”

Ken Levine on COMMUNITY & Dan Harmon

And now, a pro’s view of the Dan Harmon/COMMUNITY debacle.

By a really good and very, very credible pro.

No, I’m not talking about myself. This is from the great Ken Levine. (Check out his credits and you’ll see what I mean.)

Dan Harmon’s firing: My take

A lot of you have asked my take on the NBC firing of Dan Harmon from COMMUNITY – a show that he not only was running but created as well. First I should mention that I don’t know Dan Harmon, nor have I personally had any involvement with the show. So it’s like when there’s a big news emergency and networks bring on so-called “experts” like earthquake psychics or terrorist cell consultants and they sound incredibly knowledgeable but then you realize they don’t know shit. That’s me in this situation. Ken Levine – former showrunner expert.

That said, here are some random thoughts:

Networks have been firing showrunners for years. You just never heard about it. Before social networks and the internet, showrunners were essentially invisible. Just names in the credits. Now showrunners have become quasi-celebrities themselves, which I think is a good thing. Only 70% of the viewers think Joel McHale makes up those funny things he says instead of 90%. But the point is, this isn’t precedent setting.

It’s always easier to fire writers than actors. People do notice when their favorite star has been replaced by Ashton Kutcher. (Which tells you how off-the-charts psycho Charlie Sheen had to be to get canned from TWO AND A HALF MEN.)

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