Are You an Extreme Couch Potato? Then This is a Must Have

The eyes have it! (Sorry.) Read on and you’ll see (sorry again) what we mean:

Haier’s Eye-Controlled Display Could Be the Future of Super-Lazy TV Watching – by Sam Gibbs

Why spend the effort messing around using a Wiimote-like remote, or even shouting at the TV, to get it to change channel, when you can just stare at what you want and blink to select? Well, that’s Haier’s theory anyway, and, amazingly, it actually works.

OK, so eye-tracking is nothing new – the military has been doing it for ages in helicopter gunships and things – but to see it genuinely working on a TV is pretty impressive. Well, I say on a TV, it’s not like it’s built right into the frame or anything. You’ve got an eye-scanning box that sits pretty close in front of you, which hooks into a computer to control the on-screen display. It’s certainly not the most convenient, practical or elegant solution, but hell, it’s a start, and it’s really just a prototype at this stage.

After calibration, watching a ball move across the screen while it tracks your eyes, you’re in. You focus on something to highlight it and then blink a couple of times in rapid succession to select it, moving through the menus. Navigating around by just looking at things was amazingly intuitive; you’re going to look where you want to click anyway, I guess, so this just removes a layer of apparatus and effort needed.

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No clicking! Think of all those calories we’ll save! What’ll they come up with next? (Maybe we don’t want to know?)

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  1. What will they come up with next? Couches with remote controls for refrigerators that elevate from beneath the couch (and the floor) and toilets that do the same thing. That way nobody ever has to leave the couch. For those “extreme” couch potatoes, a button dispatches paramedics for emergencies and for those who outgrow their couches.

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