Another TV Website Looking for Writers


This looks like a good opportunity. They can’t pay you, of course, cuz the interwebs, y’know?  But if you can’t or don’t want to write for TVWriter™ for free (well, writing for us does give you the privilege of picking LB’s brain), TV Overmind could be the place.

Here’s what’s up there:

Do you have a passion for TV but are searching for a platform to share your opinions with others? Are you a reality TV junkie, who constantly finds yourself live-tweeting during the new episodes of your favorite shows? Do you love to write and are looking for a way into entertainment journalism? If any or all of these apply to you, then you should considered applying to write for TVOvermind, as we are currently looking for new writers to cover FOX’s American Idol, the network’s new music drama Empire, and a plethora of other reality TV series, from Survivor on CBS to Slednecks on MTV.

At the present time, positions at TVOvermind are paid in exposure only.  However, not only do you get to publish your work for a respected entertainment news outlet, but you’re also in line for certain press perks, such as interview opportunities with TV actors, producers, and writers and pre-air screeners for shows. All of your content is featured on our Twitter page that has over 12K followers, as well as our on Facebook page that has over 10K fans.

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