Angelo J. Bell: Beat Sheets as Holy Grail

holy-grailby Angelo J. Bell

Search this blog and you’ll find a number of posts about why I think mastering the tool of writing a treatment or beat sheet is a mandatory before writing a screenplay. I firmly believe this, even though I know many writers believe that creativity comes from spontaneous writing in fits and starts. I know because I was once one of these folks myself. Not any more.

There are more than a few posts here on this blog about how a month of writing, rewriting and brainstorming my treatment allowed me to write a script in less than five days.

To wit, I just emailed this to a good friend who recently came to understand why I was frantic for Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat Beat Sheet software a few years ago.

“I live and breath by the beat sheet, bro. A solid, well-written, thought-out beat sheet makes writing the  script merely an exercise in formality….until the rewrite and polish of course 🙂