A Real TV Writing Talent Search – by a Real Network


Can you believe it? A genuine broadcast network is actively looking for new writers (and directors too, but enough about them). Talk about good news!

Great Britain’s Channel 4 is launching a talent search for “the next generation of writers…to the small screen. The program is called “4Stories” (hmm, wonder why), and Channel 4 execs are hoping it will encourage writers who “have not had an original single, serial or series broadcast on UK television. Writers who have contributed to episodes on soaps, series or serials are eligible to apply but can have had no more than two hours of broadcast credits.”

The idea here is to choose three writers out of the pile of applicants to work on a new series of half-hour, interconnected films that will tell one main story from three different perspectives.

Channel 4 is especially “encouraging” applications from “talent currently under-represented in television drama,” which is to say women, the disabled, and those from “disadvantaged backgrounds. Which, depending on your own life history, is either a super plus or kind of a disappointing minus.

The positive side (the one this TVWriter™ minion is in full agreement with) is best stated here, by Tash Phillips, Channel 4’s Drama Editor:

It’s vital for television drama to nurture new talent from diverse backgrounds in order to truly represent contemporary Britain onscreen. Through 4Stories, Channel 4 will give new drama writers anddirectors from different backgrounds a unique platform to showcase their most distinctive, authored and ambitious work.

This definitely is an opportunity. A good one. A move we here at TVWriter™ would love to see any major broadcast network make.

The deadline for writers to apply for 4Stories is November 14, 2016, and applications must include an original full-length script for TV, film, radio, or even the stage.

More info, including everything new directors need to know, is HERE