A Master Salesman Tells Us How to Master Pitching

James Altucher, acknowledged by admirers and detractors alike to be one hell of a salesman, puts us on the road to successful pitching. For reals:

pitchman.tvwriter.comby Mihir Patkar

Delivering an elevator pitch or even telling your boss about an idea can be nerve-wracking. Entrepreneur James Altucher has crafted “the six U’s of persuasion” to make sure your idea gets heard.

In case you don’t know Altucher, he’s also an investor, a hedge fund manager, an author, and has participated in our How I Work series. In a post on persuading anyone about anything, he expands on the traditional “four U’s” formula to add two more:1


Why the problem you solve is URGENT to your demographic. For example: “I can never get a cab when it rains!”


Why is your solution unique: “We aggregate 100s of car services into one simple app. Nobody else does this.”


Why is your solution useful to the lives of the people you plan on selling to or deliver your message to: “We get you there on time.”


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