A Love Letter to Careers in TV

Got stars in your eyes? Kinda embarrassed about it? Don’t be. TV as a medium has a ton of promises to keep – and often actually does. Or, to put it another way:

promisWhen You Wish Upon a Star: 5 Promises that being in TV can Keep
by Jessie Marcus

Writing you today from 30,000+ feet in the air. Crazy right? It’s my Atlanta to LA leg after the LA to NYC, NYC to LA, LA to Atlanta before the LA to New Orleans and after the LA to Park City go- round. Good fortune is smiling upon me with diverse projects in a variety of places with wonderful clients. Truly grateful!

And in the midst of all of this travel, new projects, expanded opportunities, and collaboration with talented people, I’ve come to realize something. There really is magic in television and dreams can come true!

What seduced me to be in TV production was the promise of a life less ordinary and boy has that promise not only been delivered, but I’ve been inspired to dream bigger and reach higher. And it occurs to me that you can too.

I may have not been able to articulate exactly what I was dreaming of 10+ years ago, but I followed the longing inside me and it led me to the work that I love to do.

Here’s the top 5 Promises that my career has kept, what are yours?

• You will not be bored: This is the mother lode! Just in the past 2 weeks I have shot for 3 different clients in 3 different cities on 5 different projects. The creative exchange of ideas, the opportunity to witness those ideas coming to life, and the resourceful way that problems are solved keeps me on my toes and with no time to be bored or idle. Admittedly it takes a certain personality that runs well on all of this kind of crazy but I am never bored and it is always exciting!

• You will learn new things: And not just things like you really can put a large cow on a front yard in North Hollywood with a green screen behind it and make it look like the middle of Iowa. I’m talking new things about your character, new capabilities you possess and new ways to use Google Docs. Everyday I that I stay open and willing I learn something new and I love it!

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