A Few Words About a New Writer’s Success

Nothing beats the feeling of being written up in your hometown newspaper. Especially if you’re a writer from the Chicago area.

(Take it from our Beloved Leader, LB. The dood knows.)

Case in point:

csi and carly soteras

by David Pollard

a child, Carly Soteras loved watching television.

Her mother, Vicky Soteras, had a hard time pulling her young daughter away from the TV growing up in Elmwood Park.

“We couldn’t go out at certain times because her shows were on,” she said.

Now Carly Soteras, 26, is behind the scenes of the screen.

On Thursday evening, Carly and Vicky Soteras gathered with family and friends at the River Café in River Grove to watch an episode of “CSI: Cyber” that Carly co-wrote, called “Ghost in the Machine.”

This was the first time Carly Soteras had a personal hand in writing a TV episode. In the past she’d worked only as a writer’s assistant.

“CSI: Cyber” is a new spin-off of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” May 12’s episode involved online video games being used to lure teens into trafficking guns.

“It’s about somebody infiltrating a video game and they talk to through the headset,” Carly Soteras said. “The criminal talks through the headset telling them to do things.”

Carly Soteras says she’ll be a full-time writer for the show when it resumes in the fall.

Vicky Soteras said about 35 people turned out to watch the show and congratulate her daughter on her achievement.

“Afterwards, it was very informal and there was a bit of a Q-and-A time,” she said. “They wanted to know what her next step was.”

Carly Soteras, who has lived in Los Angeles for the past five years, grew up in Elmwood Park, attending St. Celestine Catholic School then Trinity High School. She later attended Columbia College in Chicago to study television and film.

“I’m very excited — most writers wouldn’t get an opportunity to write for the first season,” she said.

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