LB sees the new ‘Magnum, P.I.’

by Larry Brody Sorry, kids, but there’s no other way to put it: CBS’s new version of Magnum, P.I. isn’t your father’s Magnum…and it shouldn’t be yours either. THE GOOD: Hawaii’s a very good looking place. (At least it was pre the last hurricane to come close to the islands.) Just like in the original. There’s a guy … Continue reading “LB sees the new ‘Magnum, P.I.’”

LB Sees “The Get Down”

by Larry Brody What would Sisyphus do? Your TV writing career gotcha down, bunky? Feeling tired? Terrified? Downtrodden? You write your butt off and nobody reads it. Finally somebody does read it and hates it. Or, worse, won’t even talk about it to you. Agents, managers, and executives ignore your emails, refuse your phone calls, and … Continue reading “LB Sees “The Get Down””


by Larry Brody THE GOOD: Gotta love the look, filled with energy and chaos The ’70s setting The talent attached to the project – Mick Jagger! Martin Scorsese! Ray Romano! Olivia Wilde! THE NOT SO GOOD: The dated, bullshit rock ‘n’ roll cinematography that we’ve seen in every film – and terrible TV episode from … Continue reading “LB Sees VINYL”

LB Sees Some March TV Premieres

…And all I can say is that if I’d had any realistic hope of finding some new shows to watch regularly, it would’ve been dashed. Yes, it’s true. My lowest expectations proved to be too high. Cases in point: BATTLE CREEK: The Good: Um, nada. Sorry. The Bad: A cop show that seems to have been written by 12 … Continue reading “LB Sees Some March TV Premieres”


The Good: The first episode of CROSSBONES plunges us right into an action-packed story with a rousing sea battle. John Malkovich joins the ranks of great TV actors of 2014. (A year filled with great TV actors, btw.) The Not-So-Good: The first episode of CROSSBONES does indeed plunge us right into an action-packed story, but … Continue reading “LB Sees CROSSBONES”