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LB: Yo, Novelists! Think Publishing via Kindle has Freed You?

by Larry Brody

Are you one of the many authors proudly self-publishing on Kindle? Merrily celebrating having cast aside the shackles of the big publishing houses and their creative, or maybe not-so-creative, demands?

It may behoove you to think again. Here’s how Parul Sehgal put it in The New Yorker for on October 25th: read article

LB: Are You Ready for More Cartoons About – shudder – Writers?

by Larry Brody

It’s Friday, and today’s treat is on me.

These cartoons definitely speak for themselves, but I’m giving them titles anyway. (I think it was Gene Roddenberry who taught me that.)

screenplay structure for beginners

by Ruben Bolling

The Fun & the fury of venn diagrams

Found on the interwebs. Creator unknown, alas!
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LB: The One Quality Every Writer Needs…

by Larry Brody

…Is self-discipline.

In fact, self-discipline is probably the one quality everybody needs, regardless of they’re chosen (or unchosen, for that matter) field of endeavor. read article

LB: Meet the Brodys

by Larry Brody

Yep, this is how Gwen the Beautiful and I watch TV. The only difference is that we have this discussion (several times a night) in bed instead of on the living room couch.

Oh, and the hair thing. Currently, our hair has a bit more silver in it than brown or black (mine has a whole lot more) and isn’t, um, quite as thick as that of the couple above. read article