9 Things Great Leaders Do Every Day

Hey, we all need to know this great stuff that great leaders do so greatly. Cuz we’re all going to become great showrunners someday, right? Right?


The end of the Beatles’ Golden Age

by Alyssa Rimmer

Some people have that innate “leader gene.” They’re the type of person that is “born to lead.” But does that mean that even if you don’t have these natural tendencies then you won’t be a successful leader?

Absolutely not. Leadership is something that can be learned, and the more opportunities you give yourself to take on leadership responsibilities, the more the behavior becomes natural.

When you first think of what makes someone a great leader, I would venture to guess that your mind jumps to decision-making. They aren’t afraid to make hard decisions, they make decisions more quickly, and then make decisions under immense pressure. And you’d be right. This is a sign of a great leader.

But there’s more.

In today’s post we’re going to talk about things that great leaders do every day. Whether you’re currently in a leadership role and are looking to sharpen your skills or you’re an aspirational leader trying to gain mastery in leadership qualities, these are nine essential elements that you can implement today.

1) Make Decisions

We briefly touched on this aspect above, but a great leader makes decisions. They make difficult decisions under seemingly impossible scenarios. And they do it with ease. In order to be an effective leader, you must be able to make decisions. Whether that’s on behalf of your team, your company or your customers. Even when those decisions prove to be the wrong ones, you have the courage to take action.

An important thing to remember when making tough decisions is to stay calm and confident. It can seem stressful especially if you are unsure you are making the right choice but if you make this apparent you will likely not have the enter team confidently backing you. And without the support of the team, right decision or wrong decision, you will not get the desired results.

2) Lead By Example

All great leaders must lead by example. While this may sound like an easy task, you’d be surprised how many leaders fail at this. You will never get buy in if you’re not doing as you preach. And you can’t expect those you are leading to do something that you would not do yourself. You must be mindful of your actions and remember that as a leader, you’re always being watched and you must set a good example.

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