9 Great Reasons To Write Your Life Story

A great man once said, “Everything we write is our life story.” But this helpful article is a little more literal:

ooh-writingby Roberta Eams

Too often we let the days fly by without taking time to pause, reflect, and honor the journey we’re on. Writing is one way we can slow down a bit. Putting our life stories into words actually brings us wonderful emotional, spiritual and health benefits.

Here are nine ways putting pen to paper and writing your life story will change you:

1. Sharing personal information creates connections.

When you take the time to write about your life you permit others to know you. The knowledge of who you really are strengthens relationships and builds bonds. Colleagues, neighbors, friends, and even family tend to think of you only in the role you play in relation to them. When they learn that you’re a multidimensional person, with many facets they didn’t expect, a deeper relationship ensues.

2. Your family will thank you.

Children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, all deserve to know how you became the person they know today. The older they get, the more they’ll be curious about who you once were and what situations shaped you.

They’ll benefit when you reveal the obstacles you overcame and the strategies you used to conquer those hurdles. Pass your wisdom on; you might be just the role model they’ve been searching for.

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