75 Things You Can Do to Get Inspired

For those of you who feel the creative spark growing dim, here are 75 ways to rise up singing!

by Paul Brown

If you’re looking for fresh inspiration then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m all out of doom and gloom.

All I have to offer you today are life-changing, amazing, stupendous, brilliant, mind-blowing things you can do to get inspired.

Sometimes when you’re in a rut for long enough it starts to look like home.

But it’s not.

You have great things in store for you and many journeys yet to come.

You are made for greatness, joy, and connection. The loneliness, boredom, pain and struggle and grief are stepping stones, not final destinations.

The hard times are also fertile soil that can grow something amazing.

I spent years trapped in my own head, wondering when life would change or get “better.” It never did until I stopped thinking and started doing.

So let’s do some stuff!

Here are 75 simple things you can do to get inspired. I’ve divided them into three categories:

Body, mind, and soul.

Let’s start with the body because grounding is important and your link with your body is crucial before all else.


1) Dance the night away

Van Halen already told you the best way to get inspired in 1979.

When you jive, boogie, and shake those bones around you loosen something up and feel joy.

It’s the joy we were all born to feel and once you join the dance you’ll never be the same again.

Another super thing about dancing is that it can be a religious experience. Seriously.

Many world religions include dance as part of their worship and rituals, from Hinduism and Sufi Islam to Hasidic Judaism and First Nations indigenous medicine dances….

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