6 of the Craziest Animated Shows Not Meant for Kids

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An LB favorie: REN & STIMPY
An LB favorite: REN & STIMPY

by Nick Cannata-Bowman

nimation has long been an art form used to entertain children, and for good reason. It’s far easier (and usually far cheaper) to depict a fantasy universe with whimsical characters in a cartoon than it is for a live action flick. Ever since the first days of Disney, it’s been the preferred method for distracting the kids long enough for parents to get some peace and quiet. But it’s not all Mickey Mouse and playful animals. Some creative minds have taken what’s traditionally been a medium for kids and made it something far more brilliantly demented.

Some masquerade as shows for children while carrying some decidedly adult theming. Others are simply for grown-up eyes only and feature things that anyone under a certain age should never see. What they all have in common is that they go far beyond what animation used to be.