5 Ways ‘Supernatural’ Has Managed to Hang Around for a Decade

Cuz let’s face it. If SUPERNATURAL can last that long, so can something you create. (Are we going to get trolled for that comment? No, please, don’t…aargh–)

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by Nick Cannata-Bowman

There are very few (if any) shows out there quite like Supernatural. Over its decade-long run, it’s covered everything from vampire hunting to the idea that God is indeed dead, or at the very least on a permanent vacation. Its skillful mix of humor of gravitas has it walking a careful balance that never has it leaning too far in one direction. Supernatural has even been around since The CW was known as “The WB.” When it first aired, 7th Heaven still had a year to go before it found itself cancelled. Over the years, the show’s found itself known for its longevity as much as its unique stories. No show sticks around for a decade without a lot of factors working in its favor. While series have come and gone on The CW, there’s been one constant at the network, and that’s been Supernatural. For the uninitiated, the show follows Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who’ve spent their lives hunting all manner of evil. They’ve exorcised ghosts, impaled ancient gods, and even tangled with Satan himself. If you can imagine a mythical creature, odds are the Winchesters have come across it at some point in their 10 years on the road. But what specifically has kept Supernatural around through a constantly changing television landscape?

1. Being almost painfully self-aware

The meta-commentary within the Supernatural universe is absolutely bonkers. In one episode, Sam and Dean are transported into an alternate reality, where they’re two actors on a fictional TV show… called Supernatural. Basically it’s the reality we already live in, sans any magic or mythical monsters. The brothers spend a better part of the episode trying to get back to their own world, while the rest of the world knows them by their actual, real-life names (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). Things only get weirder in later seasons: The Winchesters stumble upon a prophet of the Lord who’s written a whole series of books, also called Supernatural. The series in turn spawned a devoted following of fans within the show’s universe, not unlike the real-world fans that actually exist in ours. They even end up at a convention for the books where people cosplay as the brothers. In this latest season, they stumble upon an adapted musical of their own lives based on the Supernatural novels. This insane level of self-awareness, while crazy at times, has also served to keep the show both balanced and entertaining.

2. Staying focused on our main characters

Sam and Dean have had sidekicks and secondary players drift in and out of their lives, but in the end, the show always boils down to their relationship as brothers. The pilot kicks off with the brothers as estranged, having not spoken for years. They hit the road to find their missing father, and from there the show dives into their complicated dynamic. It fluctuates in and out of serialized “monster of the week” adventures and bigger, over-arching plots, but it all comes full circle to how the Winchesters are both the best and worst thing for each other. They’ve spent the better part of 10 seasons going behind each other’s backs, lying to protect to one another, and then periodically reconciling before their next big conflict. But with a host of issues related to their less-than-typical upbringing hunting monsters with their father, the main story always seems just focused enough to stay relevant.

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of episodes of Supernatural, but after each one I feel no need to see any more. It’s a “stop channel flipping” show when there is nothing else. When I have asked some fans (who mostly seem to be female) why they watch it, they usually say because Sam and Dean are hot. That seems to me a strange reason to sustain a show for so long.

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