2016 PEOPLE’S PILOT Closes in 6 Weeks!

From Today Till November 1st – how time flies!

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If this post looks familiar, it’s because it looks very, very similar to one we published last week. The only differences are the timeframe its about and the countdown clock above. Because as this is being written there are only 6 weeks are left till the 2016 PEOPLE’S PILOT COMPETITION closes to entries. Which we’ve got to get very, very serious about it now.

You’ve got from now until the very last minute (11:59 PM) of November 1, 2016 to pay your (measly) entry fee of $50 and upload your pilot script for any series intended for any electronic media – including of course TV – of any length and on any subject.

TVWriter™’s PEOPLE’S PILOT COMPETITION has been running online since the year 2000 – the dawn of the 21st Century.

Winners and high placing entrants have gobbled up a ton of TV writing work, including TV movie and mini-series writing and series staff jobs on cable, satellite, interweb, and broadcast TV. We’d love to see you join them.

Find out more about all aspects of THE PEOPLE’S PILOT HERE