2015 Spec Scriptacular Ends in 6 Weeks


This year marks the 21st running of TVWriter™’s Spec Scriptacular Contest for spec episodes of current or recent series and original scripts with potential as TV movies, specials, or pilots.

Awaiting you are over $10,000 worth of prizes and entry bonuses, including free feedback to all entrants about how your script stacks up to its competition in the contest and the Industry at large.

Past Winners, Finalists, or Semi-Finalists of TVWriter™‘s contests are or have recently been on the staffs of MOM, THE LEFTOVERS, THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER, the upcoming WESTWORLD, CHICAGO FIRE, CHICAGO PD, THE WALKING DEAD, PERSON OF INTEREST, RIZZOLI AND ISLES, GREY’S ANATOMY, ANIMAL PRACTICE, and ROME, to name just a few.

More about the SPEC SCRIPTACULAR HERESpecScriptacular small.

More about the prizes HERE.

Enter the 2015 PEOPLE’S PILOT HERE.

Well, what’re you waiting for? Write! 
Larry Brody & Team TVWriter™