2015 PEOPLE’S PILOT Winners!

For contest ending June 1, 2015




First Prize–EVOLUTION by Cara Winter

Second Prize–TRANSGRESSIONS by Michelle R. Anderson

Third Prize–THE HUNTER by Angela Berliner


1st Runner-Up–KINGDOM OF GOD by Travis Opgenorth

2nd Runner-Up–THE DEVIL’S ERRANDS by Michael Sumner



First Prize–UNRAVELING: A SADISTIC MUSICAL by Michael D. Poisson

Second Prize–EDGEWICK COMMONS by Erica Lies & Valerie Nies

Third Prize–AMERICAN HISTORY Y by Skander Halim


1st Runner-Up–Non-Denominational Dave by Michael Riedel

2nd Runner-Up–SELF HELP by Julie Livingston

Let’s hear it for the best of this best in this year’s competition. The judges went at it tooth and nail over the final order in both categories, the One-Hour scripts proving to be even more difficult for everyone to agree on than usual. One thing everyone did agree on: All of the above shows have what it takes to be major television hits.

Our plan now is to catch our breath as quickly as possible and get right to contacting the Winners regarding their prizes, following which LB will start sending out his Feedback on all the entries, letting the writers know the strengths and weaknesses of the work they’ve done.

We’re hoping to have the official Winners notification emails sent out early next week, and Feedback will start appearing in entrants’ email boxes by the end of the week. The Feedback is personal, coming directly from LB, so entrants should be prepared to wait as long as a full month for theirs to arrive. In other words, please, no angry, “Where’s my Feedback, dammit?!” messages until after Labor Day, okay?

That’s it for 2015 – until LB posts his usual round-up of thoughts on the meaning of this year’s People’s Pilot results for entrants, the TV Industry, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll even talk a little about what the results mean to our culture as a whole.

Again, congratulations to the Winners and Runners-Up and everybody who entered. We Really Love You Mean It for all the work you’ve put it and firmly believe you should all congratulate – and love – yourselves for it as well.

We're looking forward to your comments!

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