2015 People’s Pilot Early Bird Entry Discount Ends Sunday Night


A quick heads-up for everybody planning to enter TVWriter™’s 2015 People’s Pilot Competition. (Which, as we’ve said before should be all of you because getting your career started is a wonderful thing.)

The regular price for the PP is $50/entry, but our Early Bird Discount cuts that by 30% to $35 if you enter by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on March 1, 2015.

This doesn’t mean you have to upload your entry by that date. You can hold onto it or finish it or revise it up to the very last minute entries will be accepted – 11:59 pm Pacific Time, June 1, 2015.

Sign in for your 2015 PEOPLE’S PILOT Early Bird Entry HERE.

Find out more about the People’s Pilot, one of the oldest and most respected writing contests on the web – including its rules, prizes, et al – HERE

Remember – as an Entrant, Semi-Finalist, Finalist, or of course Winner you’ll be in the august company of previously unknown writers who are, or over the past few years have been, on the staffs of CHICAGO PD, CHICAGO FIRE, PERSON OF INTEREST, THE WALKING DEAD, RIZZOLI AND ISLES, GREY’S ANATOMY, ROME, NTSF:SD:SUV, KILLER WOMEN, ANIMAL PRACTICE, THE LEFTOVERS, FX’s upcoming THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER, and more.

Break a leg!