Meet The 2014 PEOPLE’S PILOT Semi-Finalists!


For contest ending June 1, 2014



ANGEL RADIO by Keith Davidson

BARD by Jessica Ellis

BAZAAR by Lilly Slaydon

BELLEVUE by Michelle R. Anderson

BLACK SHEEP by Shaleatha Palmore

BODIES OF WORK: NYC by Jorge Perez

EIDOLA by Robert Herold

FACING NORTH by Jorge Perez

GUILTY by Carla Custance

MUCK TOWN by Tracy Grant

PURITY by Jery Rowan

QUITO by Ben Streeter & Mark Curtis

RAT CITY by Robert Herold

RELENTLESS by Kelly Jo Brick

RESERVE JUDGMENT by Darrell Dennis & Katya Gardner

SOCIOPATHS by Constantinos Papadakis


STEAMPUNK WONDER by Tony Cammarata

THE PITS by Katie Hennicke

YOUNG WILL by Elizabeth Hooker


9-1-1ERS by Nadia Madden

BEST SELLERS by Michael Sumner

BITCHSLAPPED by Jonathan Eid

GETTING LAID by Philippe Burel

HORNY by Eugene Ramos

INCONCEIVABLE by Erica Slutsky



MARRIED RICH by Skander Halim

SHELF LIFE by Debra Kamecke

STATE U by Erica Lies & Valerie Nies

THE ANGRY GUY by Eric Fischler & Ami & Michael Goldwasser

THE SPYDERS by Vesta Giles


TOROBLU by Julie Livingson

WAKING GAIA by David Perlis

TVWriter™ congratulates everyone who entered. Taken as a whole, the writing was outstanding. In terms of their concepts, all of the entries have what it takes to make it as a successful TV series. These Semi-Finalists were, quite simply, the ones whose teleplays were in the judges’ eyes the most impressive in terms of storytelling and audience (and network) appeal, with writing of the highest pro caliber.

All of us here are extremely proud of this year’s Semi-Finalists, so go ahead, take a big bow and be proud of yourselves!

Oh, and mark your calendars because:

COMING NEXT WEEK – The People’s Pilot Finalists.

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‘Daily Show’ Pays Tribute to Longtime Writer on Last Day

See? Writers really can be stars!

Well, we’re damned important anyway:

Q: Why does this man look so constipated? A: Cuz he just lost his best writer.
Q: Why does this man look so constipated? A: Cuz he just lost his best writer.

 by Aaron Couch

The Daily Show said goodbye to its longest-serving writer Thursday.

“I’ve done 2,400, 2,500 of these things. We’ve got a writer who has done 2,800, 2,900 of them,” Stewart said of J.R. Havlan, who had been with the show since its 1996 premiere. “He has — like the show — evolved. Grown from a comic-turned-writer into an accomplished writer with just a lovely wife and family.”

Stewart sent Havlan off with a personalized Moment of Zen, dating back to when the writer appeared on Craig Kilborn‘s version of the show.

Read it all and see the video HERE

Overthinking the Wielding of Power on HOMELAND

…A show we, btw, think is pretty damn nasty. As in how it demonstrates conclusively how having just about any power almost always corrupts. (And TV execs sure as hell have a lot of power…maybe even more than their fictional CIA spies.)

Do you know how hard it is to find a pic from HOMELAND w/o Brody? But we did it - for YOU.
Do you know how hard it is to find a pic from HOMELAND w/o Brody? But we did it – for YOU.

by Richard Rosenbaum

In the first two seasons of the Showtime drama Homeland(SPOILERS for the first two season ofHomeland, btw), CIA officer Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) tries to prove that a United States Marine named Nicholas Brody (played by Damian Lewis) has become a terrorist following his release from years of imprisonment and torture by Al Qaida leader Abu Nazir in Iraq.

In contrast to Hatufim (English title Prisoners of War), the original Israeli television series on which Homeland is based – which was more concerned with the psychology and trauma of the former hostages and their families – Homelandfocuses at least equally on the strategies and processes used by Matheson and her CIA colleagues in their attempts to prove that her double-agent theory about Brody is correct.

Homeland’s pilot episode has Matheson, unable to convince her CIA boss to allow her to set up surveillance cameras to watch Brody’s behaviour, illegally wiring up his house for observation anyway and subsequently spending most of her available time clandestinely peeping at him and his family. From that point on, one ofHomeland’s primary tropes and concerns is the nature and implications of seeing and being seen, and particularly being recorded.

You might think that this would be a perfect opportunity to critique the so-calledsurveillance state in America and its ostensible motivation: to root out crime, especially terrorism. Of course the foremost analysis and attack on this idea – of an omnipresent human organization empowered to watch and judge our every move – is French theorist Michel Foucault’s description of the panopticon, a hypothetical prison design conceived by philosopher Jeremy Bentham, constructed with a central tower from which a guard can view the entire structure and all its occupants but which guard cannot be seen himself. The idea is that whether or not anyone is actually inside the tower watching, prisoners will always know that they could beobserved which, the theory goes, will prevent them from doing anything that’s against the rules.

Read it all

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 6/30/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • David Thorne (LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN) has joined Jim Vallely (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) to create 27b/6, an HBO comedy series based on David’s blog. (Yer munchie one is going out on a limb here and now to predict that this will be a very, very, very funny show cuz if David sez it’s “a cross between THE OFFICE and EASTBOUND & DOWN, then, know what? It is.)
  • Cameron Crowe (ALMOST FAMOUS) is writing the pilot for a Showtime series to be called ROADIES. (And if it turns out to be a lot like ALMOST FAMOUS that probably won’t be a coincidence. This could be another good cable comedy, baby, yeah!)
  • Matt Murray (PARKS AND RECREATION) has a new overall deal with Universal TV and as soon as the 7th season of P & R has wrapped he’ll become co-exec producer of Universal’s BROOKLYN NINE-NINE. (And since this muncher finds NINE-NINE inedible, here’s hoping some of the P & R funny rubs off on it. The critics have already named NINE-NINE a saint of a show. Maybe now it’ll give us some miracles?)
  • Robert Baer‘s book, The Perfect Kill 21 Laws for Assassins, has been optioned by Imagine TV for a series. (This is an open assignment, friends and neighbors. Time to lay siege to Imagine’s Brian Glazer and GET THAT GIG!)

Another Fascinating TVWriter™ Sunday Video!

Not a peer production but an early Tim Burton video when he worked at Disney. Burton’s HANSEL AND GRETAL aired on the Disney Channel on Halloween night, 1983, and vanished for 30 years until – YouTube.

Ya gotta see this one!