2014 PEOPLE’S PILOT Winners

23rd People’s Pilot Winners

For contest ending June 1, 2014




First Prize–ANGEL RADIO by Keith Davidson

Second Prize–HOW BAZAAR by Lilly Slaydon

Third Prize–SPECIAL AGENT JACKIE FOX by Keith Davidson


1st Runner-Up–BLACK SHEEP by Shaleatha Palmore

2nd Runner-Up–THE PITS by Katie Hennicke



First Prize–JACKSON AND JILL by Theresa Julian

Second Prize–9-1-1ERS by Nadia Madden

Third Prize–BITCHSLAPPED by Jonathan Eid


1st Runner-Up–THE TOP SECRET ADVENTURES OF LOTUS AND BENNY by Michael Bordigioni & Matt Povia

2nd Runner-Up–TOROBLU by Julie Livingston

Put your hands together for the best of the best in this year’s competition. The judges loved these scripts, and so, we’re confident will the audience that’s lucky enough to see the shows that come out of them.

In fact, the judges’ love was so strong that we had to go outside of the original panel for an additional opinion so they’d stop beating each other about the face and head and realize that, no, it wouldn’t be fair to call each category a three, four, or even five-way tie.

That’s how good the writing in the ten shows listed above is.

TVWriter™’s plan now is for all those involved in the decision-making process to take a big breath, recover their strength and composure, and move to the last two responsibilities we need to fulfill: Contacting the winners regarding your prizes and sending out the Feedback so entrants can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their work and the caliber of the competition. Both these things should start happening within the next week to 10 days.

Oh, and after that a bonus: Early in August LB will post his thoughts on what the results of this year’s People’s Pilot mean to all entrants, the TV industry, and, yes, to him personally.

Again, congratulations to the Winners, whom we believe should be celebrating like crazy (hey, it’s perfectly cool to dance in the streets) and everybody who entered this time around. You’re the best!

5 thoughts on “2014 PEOPLE’S PILOT Winners”

  1. As a 3rd place finalist back in ’05 I congratulate all of you.

    Where can we read your scripts?

    Best of luck in your careers!
    Anne Kruse

    1. We won’t make anything public without permission from the writer/s. Getting those permissions is one of the next steps, after the official notifications et al. Figure that as many winning scripts as possible will be public in 3 or 4 weeks. (Because then if we get them up for view earlier, hey, we’re heroes.)


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