2013 Spec Scriptacular Winner Samuel Miller Now on MOM’s Writing Staff

Not Sam Miller. Not even reasonable facsimiles. But, hey, he hangs with these peeps now.
Not Sam Miller. Not even reasonable facsimiles. But, hey, he hangs with these peeps now.

It seems like just yesterday that we announced the winners of the 2013 Spec Scriptacular Competition. Finishing in 1st Place in the Sitcom category that year was Sam Miller, whose spec episode, VEEP: HOUSE OF CARDS, absolutely killed the judges.

And, as it turns out, they weren’t the only ones. The honchos at CBS’ hot – and very highly regarded – sitcom MOM went for it in a big way too. So big that Sam now has left his previous gig as Executive Producer of the web series L.A. BEER (we keep telling you that doing a web series is great exposure) and is ensconced as a staff writer on a genuine Chuck Lorre sitcom, doing that thing writers do – putting some very clever words in the mouths of stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney. (Or is it Allison Janney and Anna Faris? We don’t want to screw up the billing order.)

TVWriter™ will be interviewing Sam about how he made The Big Move as soon as he has the time to sit down with us. In the meantime, though, we’d like to promote another project dear to Sam’s heart.

The name of the show is 3RD & FAIRFAX, and no, it isn’t another web series. It’s the official podcast of the Writers Guild of America, West, produced by the WGAW Writers’ Education Committee. As we write this, seven episodes are already up at the WGAW site, Stitcher, LibSyn, and iTunes.

In Sam’s words, “I think it’s a great resource for aspiring writers of all kinds!” We’ve listened to the podcasts, and we agree. Hell, can a TVWriter™ Script Spectacular Winner possibly be wrong?

Congratulations on the new gig, Sam. We’re confident that it will be the first of many great things to come.

Oh, and in case y’all haven’t gotten into the Spec Scriptacular yet, check it out. The 2015 contest is open for entries up to and including December 1st…and now you know where it can lead.